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FX PC Buying Guide – Gaming Monitor

08 Feb 2020

Monitor is an output device that displays information generated by the computer in graphical form through the graphics card. In simple words, it shows what is happening while you are using the computer. A computer monitor can be manufactured according to its intended purpose – for general use, for watching movies, for professional graphical works, […]

How to buy system RAM

17 Oct 2019

System memory – also called RAM – Random Access Memory – serves as a “water tank” of the system, where the processor put the necessary files and date to keep the system running. Below is diagram of the role of system memory. RAM is probably the cheapest among the essential components of the system, and […]

One way to engage with you audiences consistently is to have your Player.Me account to your social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook. Player.Me allows cross-posting between these platforms. 1. Click your profile icon then click the + sign on top of your profile background. This will direct you to Linked Services.   2. On […]

Player.Me automatically sets the streaming settings to the best quality possible. But you can still customized and set your own settings. 1. Click the Studio tab and the click the gear icon.   2. Select a Streaming Service.   3. Log in with your account for that service.   4. Select Custom in streaming settings. […]

Now that you are streaming and sharing you games with the world, earning from it is the reward for your hardwork. Player.Me allows your followers and other viewers to “tip” as a sign of support. You need to setup your tipping settings to receive from them. 1. Click your profile and click Setup Tips.   […]

Now that you have set up the essentials, you are now ready to stream.   1. Select the Start scene then click the Stream button   2. Set the stream title and other details then click the Start Stream button.   3. Wait for a couple of seconds then you will be notified “You are […]

Scenes are basically what your screen would look like when you are streaming. You set the location of camera, texts, and notifications. Let’s set this up.   1. Click the Studio tab on the left side of the program then click Get Started.   2. Select the platform where you will be streaming. YouTube Live […]

1. Beside your profile name, click the downward arrow and click Settings .   2. Settings windows will appear. Click the Linked Services.   3. Click Not Linked tab then click the Connect button for the service where you will stream, YouTube for example.     4. Sign in to YouTube account.   5. Click […]

1. Beside your profile name, click the downward arrow and click Settings.   2. Click Re-Send Verification Email.   3. Open your email and read the email from Player.me then click the Verify Email Address button.   4. Wait for a couple of seconds and you will receive the “Not a bot” badge. Click the […]

1. Click on your profile icon or profile name.   2. You profile window will appear. Click the Edit profile button.   3. The app will now let you edit your profile. To upload photos as your profile picture and background, click the camera icon then select your photo.     4. Fill in some […]


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